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Glazed Fire Doors

FRAME:- Door frames to be double rebate profile 143 x 57mm manufactured from 16 gauge galvanized steel profile to have bending radius of 1.4mm supplied in assembled form ready to install at site.

SHUTTER:- Door shutter in 46mm thickness made of 100mm thick vertical stiles on both sides of the shutter & 200mm on bottom of the shutter and 100mm on top of G.I. sheet with Clear Wired Glass / Clear Glass 120 minutes rating confirming to BS 476: part 20: 1987 including gasket & moulding / beading. The gap between moulding / beading and glass shall be filled with the fire Sealant.

Metal Glazed Windows Fully Glazed Window consisting of MS Tubular frames of size 60 X 60mm section with moulding on both sides of size 20mm X 20mm Tubular Section. To achieve fire rating up to 120 minutes with Clear Wired Glass / Clear Glass. The suitable glazing gap system shall be used as per prototype tested at GQMC Lab (Haryana). The gap between moulding & glass to be filled with Fire Resistant Silicon Sealant

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